Log 07:Do not allow loneliness to set the scene of your mind. Find yourself and you will find happiness.


This article is a similar continuation of “Learn To Be Happy Alone” but with a different perspective. 

Society has deemed the term “alone” as a negative connotation, they have formed an illusion that constantly being with others such as with your spouse or friends, that we are truly happy when in someone else’s presence is near.This notion is all to wrong in many ways, unlike many, very few people actually know the true meaning of what being alone truly holds. Being truly alone doesn’t have to apply to someone who is miles away from civilization, stuck in a cave somewhere, it applies to anyone who is willing to experience it on their own terms. The sheer strength of being in solitary is the stronghold of many true sense of finding oneself’s.

How does this correlate to OCD ? for starters, obsessive compulsive disorder brings a lot of other unwanted side effects, depression is a huge one and even so loneliness seems to find it’s way in. But over the years of my struggles, I learned to overcome a lot of my hurdles that years ago I thought would of been impossible to control. The interesting this is that I developed a different persona, a different identity per say. This other side of me is the one who learned how to cherish my alone time. When you discover this side of you, truthfully you find yourself smiling and feeling quite happy throughout the day. Read a book, listen to music, whatever it is that is your gateway to finding yourself, just do it. Who said that being a lone has to be unsatisfactory? You are the stencil of your dreams, embrace yourself before someone else or something can bring that happiness to you.




I remember back when I used to only own a motorcycle (no I did not have a car), I rode throughout sunshine, rain, cold, day in and day out you name it I rode through it. At times it was hard but it molded me and made me a bit tougher. I feared riding through the cold during winter but few weeks later I did it like it was nothing. The part that I am trying to assert is that during my few years of riding a motorcycle I was a lone 99% of the time. I would take long rides outside of the city limits and even going off road to places where the signal of my phone would cease to exist, occasionally trespassing into places with danger signs, but It was during those moments where I truly experience my first sense of wanderlust. I felt truly happy embracing all that was around me and began to crave exploration.




We all have it inside of us, you too can find yourself. It can be in your room, at a library or 2,000 ft above see level on top of a mountain. See that is the beauty of it, we all have a way to get to it, you just have to embrace our own company find peace within yourself and eventually you too will stumble upon the unseen potential and positive energy within you. The best part is once you find it, no one can take that away from you. Don’t allow depression, anxiety to create more problems.Being a lone doesn’t have to signify darkness, it is what you allow it to be. Create happiness while a lone and reap the rewards life gives to those who can only enjoy it with oneself.

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I recommend listening to music that will relax you, I like to listen to the genre of Chill step such as with this video. I am actually listening to it right now as I type this very sentence.