Log 03: Life’s too short to be having a negative mindset. We live in a day in age where technology allows us to be connected at all times, connected to our loved ones and to the outside world to places we’ve never set foot on.I personally can say that I have good friends till this day that I have made from some form of networking on social media and I am very thankful for them.Now today’s topic isn’t “friendship” but instead its about your mindset. Having acquaintances, close friends and family around you, does make up some of the happiness you should have in your life but what about if you are someone who has dealt with a tremendous amount[…]

  Log 1: “You cannot control things around you, but what you can control instead is your mind.”   As a human being we have all experienced anxiety at some point or another. Anxiety can come in all different shapes and sizes. Just as with depression some more than others experience different symptoms, those symptoms are a complete separate post for another day but the point I am trying to cross is that being someone who was affected by anxiety especially via OCD “obsessive compulsive disorder” at such a young age and basically grew up with it, Id like to say that¬†we cannot allow anxiety to control us, we have to control it. Scenario: A good example is a person[…]