Log 07:Do not allow loneliness to set the scene of your mind. Find yourself and you will find happiness.   This article is a similar continuation of “Learn To Be Happy Alone” but with a different perspective.  Society has deemed the term “alone” as a negative connotation, they have formed an illusion that constantly being with others such as with your spouse or friends, that we are truly happy when in someone else’s presence is near.This notion is all to wrong in many ways, unlike many, very few people actually know the true meaning of what being alone truly holds. Being truly alone doesn’t have to apply to someone who is miles away from civilization, stuck in a cave somewhere, it applies to[…]

Log 03: Life’s too short to be having a negative mindset. We live in a day in age where technology allows us to be connected at all times, connected to our loved ones and to the outside world to places we’ve never set foot on.I personally can say that I have good friends till this day that I have made from some form of networking on social media and I am very thankful for them.Now today’s topic isn’t “friendship” but instead its about your mindset. Having acquaintances, close friends and family around you, does make up some of the happiness you should have in your life but what about if you are someone who has dealt with a tremendous amount[…]

Log 02: Only you have the power to create happiness within yourself.   Intro Yes its true, happiness can mean many things to each and every one of us. Some think its having lots of money, while others may think happiness is living with your loved one forever happily ever after. While those two things are great and I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want more money and to spend their life with someone they truly value, happiness shouldn’t be an extension that others provide. Instead we should embrace ourselves, learn to be one with ourselves during hard times and good times. See when you depend on others such as for happiness or any other emotional needs, you create a single point[…]