Log 06: Combating your minds unwanted thoughts, is the foundation of a new state of mind.You are in control.

Sometimes we have undesirable thoughts that occur quite frequently throughout the day, without getting into the science behind what frontal lobe is thought (no pun intended) to create the OCD that many people deal with, I believe there is ways that you can remove and get rid of OCD on your own. Everyone has different severity of OCD so I don’t expect it to be so easy as to simply read a sentence and be magically cured, but remember that you can rewire your mind and undo (so to speak) bad habits, break rituals and over come all of your compulsions slowly. 

The term for reshaping the way your mind functions according to certain thoughts, actives, and environments is called Neuroplasticity. Its amazing how much power we truly hold once we know how to use the same flaws that once used to keep us chained down. By exposing yourself to the compulsions or thoughts that automatically trigger themselves you can now actually LEARN to tell your mind how to respond to them and eventually reprogramming the way you process your thoughts.Its not easy, but this is the same treatment that many psychiatrist provide, just Google (CBT therapy for OCD) if you are curious about this procedure and want to learn more.


Recently reading a book by the name of Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude, I was moved by Chapter 3, Clear The Cobwebs From Your Thinking.

Below I will share some insights that I wanted to share with everyone because I know they will help you in your journey dealing with OCD & anxiety. Please read this and if you have to read it twice, do it. I highly recommend purchasing this book, not only will it help you get ahead in life, it will help you in so many ways you never thought imaginable and most importantly you will mature mentally. Click on the title of the book above to be taken to Amazon to purchase it.


Clear the Cobwebs from Your Thinking 

You are what you think. But what do you think? How orderly are 
your thought processes? How straight is your thinking? 

And how clean are your thoughts? 

There are certain mental cobwebs that clutter up the thinking of 
almost everyone, even the most brilliant minds. Negative: 
feelings, emotions, passions — habits, beliefs and prejudices. Our 
thoughts become entangled in these webs. 

Sometimes we have undesirable habits and we want to correct 
them. And there are times when we are strongly tempted to do 
wrong. Then, like an insect caught in a spider's web, we struggle 
to get free. Our conscious will is in conflict with our imagination 
and the will of our subconscious mind. The more we struggle, the 
more we become entrapped. 

Some persons give up and experience the mental conflicts of a 
living hell. Others learn how to tap and use the powers of the 
subconscious through the conscious mind. They are victorious. 
And success through a positive mental attitude teaches you how 
to tap and use these powers. 

An insect may not be able to avoid being caught in the spider's 
web. And when once trapped, it is unable to free itself. There is 
one thing, however, over which each person has absolute, 
inherent control, and that is his mental attitude. We can avoid 
mental cobwebs. We can clear them. And we can sweep them 
away as they begin to develop. We can free ourselves when once 
enmeshed. And we can remain free.



Before I let you go, take this simple photo above. Everything that is stated is true and applicable. Learn to mold your mind with neruoplasticity, don’t give in to your unwanted thoughts, take this advice and see how your life will instantly start changing. Heck as a matter of fact, you’d be surprised how much progress you can make with one day of using this technique. If you enjoyed this article please comment, and share, you guys are the best, see you next time!

Book recommendation: Neuroplasticity: The Secret behind Brain Plasticity (Kindle Format)