Log 1:
“You cannot control things around you, but what you can control instead is your mind.”


As a human being we have all experienced anxiety at some point or another. Anxiety can come in all different shapes and sizes. Just as with depression some more than others experience different symptoms, those symptoms are a complete separate post for another day but the point I am trying to cross is that being someone who was affected by anxiety especially via OCD “obsessive compulsive disorder” at such a young age and basically grew up with it, Id like to say that we cannot allow anxiety to control us, we have to control it.


A good example is a person who has the typical syndrome of OCD. That person struggles with it on a daily basis to the point where the compulsions come back and forth just as a wave does to shore. The thoughts or compulsions constantly seem to come back, some stronger than others. Then as we give the compulsions what they want the anxiety grows. When anxiety grows we compulse more, things get worse, we start repetitive task/thoughts/acts/rituals and before we know it, its been 1 hour and the worse part is you didn’t even noticed that that hour could go by so quick.


We need to acknowledge what is around us and realize that the world is going to happen. We are humans on this earth, we were made to live and enjoy life NOT stress about everysingle little thing or do things twice or in sets, pairs, even numbers etc. You cannot control everything around you, you can only control yourself. Start from within “your mind” and the rest comes naturally.

See anxiety likes to attack all your senses. Sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch and even others senses such as emotions, but we won’t dive into that too much. Your mind when its in the OCD state likes to use everything that is has around it to make you compluse. Dear I say it, evolves, “grows” and becomes smarter as you feed your compulsions such as a computer AI (artificial intelligence) would as its learning as it goes. Sometimes its the way we touched a door knob, or if we stepped on the tile on the floor a certain way, the sound of a car passing by, or even a feeling that you got all of a sudden and many more things that are quite frankly infinite that seem to be the starting point that keep a compulsion at bay and ready to fire away and create more stress and anxiety.


Do you see a trend?

Its the pure act of doing (listening to it) the compulsion, that creates the stress which therefor turns into anxiety and then matures into a endless loop.  But the secret to cutting all of that noise out is by acknowledging that you are compulsing in the first place, then once you become aware of that you monitor yourself and keep yourself at check. Yes I know it’s easier said than implementing it, but trust me it works. Its basically self treatment with Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) without the need of a psychiatrist all on your own at home. What could be better than that ?  Before I end id like to remind all of you reading the last and final words that I have stated above. Remember no matter how difficult it seems, no matter the compulsion difficulty, how long you’ve been dealing with this or even what type of OCD you have, always keep in mind