Log 04: You have to maintain a focused yet positive mindset, even when bad days come, you must stay firm and strong – don’t relapse.


It has been said that momentum is created by the speed and direction of our thoughts and feelings) a driving power or strength. When you observe yourself whether it be state of mind, or your current emotional state (mental attitude) you carry a certain type of attraction. Be it a positive or negative mental attitude you have momentum on either channels, each carry significant consequences. In today’s Log we will cover anxiety and its negative momentum it carries and how you can manage it all.

A positive mental attitude generates good momentum where as negative mental attitude generate bad momentum. Which do you think performs better ? You guessed it, a positive one!

Lets look at an example: You just started making homemade candles and you start by selling to your local community, friends, family, relatives and within your first month you make more than what you thought you would of. Right there and then you start having positive feelings about the future of your business, thoughts of making more sales and therefor what you have flowing through your mind becomes positive momentum (attract success) and you find yourself at peace and are happy.

The same can be said about someone that has the too all well known problem many Americans face, Anxiety.I am not just talking about “regular anxiety” most people face, I’m talking about the fully matured anxiety OCD creates, the worse kind. This type of anxiety clings on to you, follows you around mentally and even physically (breathing patterns,tachycardia,panic attacks) of course only those who have dealt with obsessive compulsive disorder know what I am talking about. Its nothing to play around with or let sit too long in your mind because it can wreak havoc and it carries a great amount of negative momentum.


How Do I Manage it?

Learning to manage your thoughts and in this case the thoughts created by massive anxiety, takes some time and only you can do it since you are the only one in control of your mind.
Take the image below as a visual. Anxiety – a 7 letter word that creates a living hell for so many peoples life’s. It’s only just thoughts that you control, its all inside of a box (your mind) its up to you to break out of that box and let your mind be at ease. Do not allow the negative momentum that anxiety has to build up or bring you down.


You need to be aware and conscious of your thoughts, analyze your thought patterns and most importantly once you learn how to manage the hundred of thousands of thoughts that occur in a day, all of that anxiety that is created from negative and unwanted thoughts can be tuned down to a manageable amount, and even to the point where anxiety doesn’t exist anymore.

Always remember that anxiety creates stress, stress builds up and creates more negative thoughts. They keep building up more and more until you can’t take it anymore and eventually compulsions occur as a side effect of all of the anxiety. Don’t be the vehicle for anxiety to carry negative momentum. 


“Sometimes thinking too much can destroy your momentum.”

  -Tom Watson


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